Australian Christmas in July 2023 – DSA

Australian Christmas in July 2023

A popular Australian tradition, Christmas in July is the time to indulge in all of the wintry festive traditions that we don’t get to celebrate in summer.

How the story began as the tale goes;

Legend says it’s thanks to some Irish tourists who were visiting the Blue Mountains in July 1980.

It’s believed they convinced the proprietor of a local hotel to have a ‘Yulefest’ party to celebrate Xmas in July and it was such a success that the hotel ran it again the next year and the year after that, and the idea caught on.

Whether fact or fiction, the reality is today ‘Christmas in July’ celebrations are a popular winter activity across our big, brown, beautiful country.

While common Christmas activities in Australia can include backyard cricket and a swim at the beach. Christmas in July is an opportunity to try some more winter-appropriate activities, such as Christmas in July lunch at your local RSL, darts, snooker, cards and lawn bowls.

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