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What Remembrance Day Reminds Graeme Of

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11 November is an important day for the nation to remember those who fought for our country. In this modern age where our time to pause is close to zero, let’s reflect and understand the true meaning of this day.  

This Remembrance Day, we reached out to our best mates to get to know more about them and what Remembrance Day means to them. Here’s what Graeme Robinson had to say.


Graeme Robinson

It was in England, my nanna and dad took me to one near Manchester. I was 8, my nanna worked at Woodford Airdrome in the war. She installed machine guns on the Lancaster bombers. I remember the planes, soldiers and a service. My nanna explained the meaning of remembrance day to me. I remember she said I had family members killed in WW1, especially my great uncle, who was killed on the Somme. I remember being told to be quiet, I assume that was for the 2-minute silence.

Remembrance day reminds me of what others did to protect our great country. I need no thanks, no medals, no special treatment, it is an honour to serve the people of our great country. I swore an oath, defended Australia and protected the people, this is still the most important thing in my life. The most inspirational times were meeting and talking to veterans from WW1 to Vietnam at our unit on Anzac days, all Australians should be proud of these gallant people, was always an honour talking with them.  

Well, I joined (the Army) because my mom told me not to, I was 17. I was 7 years in signals than 5 years infantry. My best memory in the army is a tough one, have so many, however, I think being on a charge I always remember. I was washing the vehicles with no shirt on as it was hot, a lieutenant ordered us to put my shirt on. I had a dirty bucket of water. The point is don’t throw a bucket of the dirty water over the vehicle on the head of a lieutenant whilst a captain is watching.  

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about all who paid the ultimate price including some of my mates. I don’t think the Anzac spirit has weakened, all the years I have marched in Perth on Anzac day I have noticed more and more people attend, also so many children always bring a tear to my eye whilst marching.

I would like to thank all our past and current serving members of our armed services for their service. Always remember our fallen from all conflicts. Always help our wounded both physical and mental. Always remember our serving personnel who will always put themselves in harm’s way to protect us and our country. As we all say. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.


How about you, what is Remembrance Day to you? Drop a comment below and let us know what you want us to feature next on our blog! 

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