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What Remembrance Day Means To Marto

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11 November is an important day for the nation to remember those who fought for our country. In this modern age where our time to pause is close to zero, let’s reflect and understand the true meaning of this day. 

This Remembrance Day, we reached out to our best mates to get to know more about them and what Remembrance Day means to them. Here’s what Marto Robbie had to say:

Remembrance Day has a moment set aside for all Australians to pause and pay respect to our fallen heroes, our Veterans and our current ADF Diggers. That moment is so strongly embedded in the Australian culture, it will always be there. 

On ANZAC Day this year, I saw at least a thousand school children marching in my hometown. Then later in the afternoon when I watched the footy on TV I saw packed stadiums. The stadiums were packed with fans who were not just there to watch footy but to see the military bands and to pay their respects with the last post, ode and a minute of silence. Plus the footy teams wear special ANZAC jerseys for the occasion. That doesn't look like a weakened spirit to me.

My Grandfathers and Grandmothers are my heroes. So are people like my Dad (AFP), my Uncle (RFS) my mate Michael (SES), my Great Aunty Jean (Navy) and my Great Uncles Darcy (Army) & Bunny (RAAF).

We can't all be Veterans. We can't all serve. But we all share a country that is free and that freedom comes from sacrifice. So as civilians we can do small things like fly flags, display poppies, remember and understand our military history and thank our Veterans when we get the chance. DSA makes that easier with the apparel they create.

Keep wearing your DSA gear, maybe the merch you wear out will start a conversation and that conversation may lead to others joining the DSA Army. The bigger the DSA Army is - the more we Keep the Spirit Alive. - Marto Robbie


How about you, what is Remembrance Day to you? Drop a comment below and let us know what you want us to feature next on our blog! 

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    Also are you going to get more of the nurses polo. You currently have a very small range left.
    I find the mens or unisex polo shirts are too wide in the shoulders and the sleeves come to below my elbows. They are not comfortable to wear, nor are they flattering.

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