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This is their story

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In the lead up to Anzac Day, as we pause and reflect, we wanted to share some of the recent DSA community stories which have touched us, and we hope will inspire you.


"I don't know if I've already told you but when I was in Melton Victoria visiting my daughter I stayed at a motel.

When I was there I took all 8 of my shirts to wear. In the room next to mine was an elderly couple touring around in a 4x4 with a canopy loaded up. 

One morning I was sitting out the front of my room having a cigarette and the elderly gentleman asked me if I had served in the military because he had noticed me wearing one of your shirts the past few days.

I told him I hadn't served but was a supporter of the military and that some of the proceeds of the sale of the shirts went to a military charity.

We spoke for a while and I told him of my military collection and he said for me to hang around for a minute while he reached in his car and pulled out his Akubra.

He removed a pin from it, and I thought he was showing me it, but instead, he said “this is for you”. Turns out he was a Vietnam Veteran and the pin was his intake pin. 

I naturally thanked him and asked him was he sure to give it away and he said that he knew I would appreciate it.

I didn't know such a pin existed but it never went on a hat because I don't ever want to lose it, it is in a glass top display case on my coffee table next to a few other Vietnam collectables.

I hope I haven't bored you, but I love telling this story because of your shirts I received a wonderful gift."

- Reg S., DSA Customer



"I was enjoying a coffee in a shopping centre and I hadn't noticed a gentleman that had apparently passed by a couple of times.

However before he exited the store he caught my attention and indicating my shirt simply said "Thank You", I was surprised and replied with a "Thank You" to him as the appreciation was expressed on his face as he left.

The realisation sank in for me how your apparel is more than a shirt, more than a donation, it's an actual expression of appreciation to those who have served and now I will wear mine with even more pride in our past and present service personnel."

-Jan L., DSA Customer



I can tell you I have only ever felt so humbled twice before. 

Once was when I witnessed the birth of my beautiful daughter, who, by the way, wears one of your shirts with the old sleeveless denim jacket that I've covered in ANZAC badges and pins. 

The second time was when I went to see Danger Close with a couple of veterans. An elderly gentleman asked me was I part of Delta force 6 RAR. He must've thought that as I do look pretty old and I was wearing one of your shirts with a Long Tan company cap. 

I would never pretend to be one of those legends and told the old bloke that unfortunately I didn't have the chance to be part of history and I was just very patriotic. 

I've noticed that when I do go out with one of your shirts on and one of many of my military caps adorned with lapel pins and badges that young 17 to 20+ old people are genuinely interested in what the pins are about and when I explain they mostly say 'very interesting'. 

-DSA Customer


How about you? What your DSA story? Drop a comment below and let us know what you want us to feature next on our blog

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  • Do you have any WRAAC shirts or berets. I was in the army during the vietnam days.
    Still friends with some of the girls i joined up with on face book from joining back in 68

    Maureen Duddy on

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