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How Remembrance Day makes James feel closer to his family

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11 November is an important day for the nation to remember those who fought for our country. In this modern age where our time to pause is close to zero, let’s reflect and understand the true meaning of this day. 

This Remembrance Day, we reached out to our best mates to get to know more about them and what Remembrance Day means to them. Here’s what James Fry, who was in the Infantry/ Transport has to say.


James Fry

I was born in 1971, knew I was adopted at 6 years old; joined 2/17th RNSWR in 1990 and served 6 years. I found my birth mother in the mid to late 90s and as we bonded, I also found my older adopted brother, who had served in the Australian Navy. I also found out my uncle, her younger brother served in the SAS in the Falkland Islands. 

Due to a lack of DNA matches, I didn’t find my father till this year 2021. I found out he served with 4RAR in Vietnam in 1968 and again in 1971 in between, he met my mother. After finding my father, I found out my older brother from him is still in the Australian Navy and so is his son, my nephew.

I never had any military influence as I grew up in youth refugees most of my teenage years so this makes me feel closer to Remembrance Day as it proves my family love this country so much. Doesn’t matter if you are miles away, blood will always make us serve.

James in 1992

What does Remembrance Day mean to you? 

It is a day of reflection on people who gave their lives for this country and for remembering mates who have passed after we were discharged and those still serving. It has always been a minutes silence at work no matter what I am doing remembering my friends and thinking of all those who had served and still serving our great country

What's your most unforgettable moment or favourite memories in the army? 

All things will never be forgotten. It was mateship- something the normal world doesn’t get. Anzac Day, looking after the older diggers so they could relax was one of my first real meaningful times

What were some of your reflections before you left to join civilian life?

I did then and still do now, hoped for  a close workplace as I did then. Nowadays everybody is for themselves, but in the Army, we were all family

Anzac Day 1992

Do you think the Anzac spirit has weakened? 

I don’t think it has weakened as such I just think kids today are not spoken to about it as much and are more interested in TV. It’s a shame as they can learn so much.

In what ways do you keep that spirit alive? 

I talk to my grandkids and advise them about it as with my kids. I also always wear my DSA cap when I go out or a DSA shirt.

Served or not we can all hold our head high for this great country. Don’t let negativity hold you back we are a strong proud country. Military and part of the voluntary army RFS, SES- stand proud! - James Fry


How about you, what is Remembrance Day to you? Drop a comment below and let us know what you want us to feature next on our blog! 

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