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Royal Australian Air Force Centenary

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A hundred years ago, or exactly on 31 March 1912, the Australian Air Force was founded and established by virtue of an order of the Australian government. 

Later on, they were renamed to Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and they became the aerial warfare of the Australian Defence Force. The organisation paved the way to the development of military aviation in Australia. Until now, it has been staying true to its roots which has been the reason why they are now celebrating their 100-year founding anniversary.

From their humble beginnings to creating the very first aircraft in the country, the Australian air force has proven its integrity and competency all throughout these years of being in service. Their men and women have continuously brought different accomplishments in the air force not only during critical times but also in times of order. Thus, they have been able to keep the spirit alive for those who had served and died while in duty.

Up to this day, the RAAF has been one of the most well-respected organisations in the field of air force. As such, they were able to build different bases all over the country powered by top-quality airships. Their presence is not only prominent in Australia but also in other countries all over the globe. In fact, the Royal Australian Air Force had given aid to different nations in times of distress. For instance, they deployed various aircrafts during the Berlin Airlift, Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Although they are gaining recognition from the international community, the Royal Australian Air Force remained steadfast in showing dedication and passion in guaranteeing the national security and safety of their citizens. For this reason, the RAAF is constantly training people to become the best in their field. As a matter of fact, they have their own college that is responsible for training future aircrew officers who will serve the country. The organisation also makes sure that they are always updated and informed about the latest development in the world of aviation. 

Moreover, they make sure that the health of their officers is attended to. They have their own nursing service that is capable of attending to medical situations whenever the need arises. Hence, they won’t have to go out of their bases for medicines and the like.

The good thing about the RAAF is that they are not only focused on protecting the citizens but also, helping in promoting the welfare of their countrymen. Within the organisation, they foster diversity and gender exclusivity on their service. Outside, and in the community, the Air Force conducts different relief operations and programmes for those in need. They also extend humanitarian services during disasters and even with the pandemic going on.

All in all, the RAAF strives to instill a deep sense of pride and values such as persistence, flexibility, resiliency, and leadership to the whole nation while making sure that they are always prepared, capable, and passionate to win whatever is right in front of them. Salute to 100 years of existence! 

**photos from: | RAAF Official Facebook Page


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  • The story was marvellous. I am going to give it to my husband to read. He served in the RAAF for 10 years. He was a radio tech and served on a couple of bases where they listened in on Russian subs during the Cold War. He also served in Darwin during the recovery effort after Cyclone Tracey. He loved the Air Force but it became too difficult to keep relocating a family of six once the kids were at school. I hope I will get notification when the commemorative shirt becomes available to purchase. I will certainly be buying him one. Please let me know!

    Leanne Hallas on

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