Get To Know The DSA Army: Kris

Get To Know The DSA Army: Kris

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This 2022, we'll start off a new series called Get To Know The DSA Army, where we introduce some proud members of our awesome community, the DSA Army.

Meet a member of the DSA Army, Kristopher McMillan. He was with the 3rd combat engineer regiment. 18 field squadron, based in Townsville.

Post army, he had several career changes. He was a plant machinery operator, an outdoor education teacher, and a correctional officer. He's into fishing, smoking barbeque, and right now, beekeeping. He's also a part of the Smoking Sappers team that enters barbeque contests in QLD. How awesome is that?

“My time as an auxiliary firefighter at Hervey Bay and Craignish was the closest I came to the army bond. Injuries sustained in the service caught up with me, and now I'm on DVA support and living a quiet life on a rural block northwest of Gympie.

“I do love DSA’s products, the more support for veterans and keeping that spirit alive is always a good thing to us, and there should be more education to the younger generations about what we did, and what we sacrificed, plus, we should also teach them about our mates who paid the ultimate sacrifice.”


He’s a friend of our ambassador, Jason, who recently gifted him with a Tribute to Heroes polo. For Kris, DSA polo shirts give him pride again as a veteran.

“I would like to thank Jason who is a great mate of mine, and I consider him as a brother, and if DSA has Brand Ambassadors like him to help me and him and other veterans, everyone should get behind and support DSA and keep that spirit alive.”

We are honoured to introduce Kris as part of the DSA Army and are thankful for our brand ambassador, Jason, for showing what DSA is all about- mates helping each other, helping veterans.

Want to be the next one to be featured in our Get To Know the DSA Army series? Or got an interesting story to tell? Send me an email at and I’ll get in touch.

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