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Defence Sporting Apparel Is A Proud Partner Of Australian Partners of Defence (APOD)

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Defence Sporting Apparel is honoured to announce that it’s officially a proud partner of Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) which is an exclusive membership program saving defence and veteran families time and money for over 7 years.

Two brands one mission 

Defence Sporting Apparel is looking forward to this partnership with APOD. Since day one Defence Sporting Apparel's mission has been to be a brand that's driven by a mission, a purpose, that gives back, and Keeps The Spirit Alive.

When a business like APOD which is run by veteran families, for veteran families whose objective is to recognise those who serve and give back to the veteran community we feel it's vital for Defence Sporting Apparel to support and help APOD anyway we can, and honour the great work they've done and are continuing to do.

"The whole team at APOD has been proactive, they're collaborative, professional and bring a sense of joy with the way they operate, and we believe that a collaboration with an organisation like APOD who shares the same values and embraces the Defence Sporting Apparel's ethos of "keep The Spirit Alive" is a positive and significant decision as we move forward into 2021". said Glaidale, the communications manager at Defence Sporting Apparel. 

We look forward to what both brands can collaborate on in the future for the Defence Force Community. 

“We strive to support and partner with businesses that our members from across the veteran community value, respect, and resonate with,” said Diana Jennings, Communications & Community Engagement Manager of APOD. “It was clear to us that Defence Sporting Apparel proudly supports both current and ex-serving ADF personnel and creates products that suit their needs (and wants).

APOD’s mission is to facilitate financial benefits for the veteran community and defence families in recognition of their service and sacrifice to our nation, both during and after service.  

Connecting with Defence Sporting Apparel  APOD to reach out to the Defence Force community to ensure no veteran or defence family member misses out on all of the discounts available to them and in turn, helping them to find and support businesses who recognise their service. When businesses rally together to support and thank our veterans, we have the power to create a culture of recognition for our servicemen and women, to let them know we care, every day.”

About Defence Sporting Apparel

Defence Sporting Apparel was founded by former Australian Soldier, who's grandfather also served 14 years in the Australian Army. Defence Sporting Apparel mission is to create exclusive unique products that provide its community with a deep sense of pride and helps keep the spirit alive.

Defence Sporting Apparel is more than just a clothing brand. Since day one we said we have to be more than a clothing brand, we have to be a brand that's driven by purpose, and a mission and "We MUST give back."

We're grateful for our amazing community of customers, who now spread across 27 countries that enabled us to support some fantastic Veteran charities, the bushfire disaster appeal and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

About Australian Partners of Defence

Australian Partners of Defence was founded in 2012 and is operated by veteran families whose commitment is focused on giving back to veteran families. 

Among the many discount platforms on the market, APOD realised that there was nothing exclusively designed for the Defence Force community; thus, with the belief that serving your country deserves recognition, they started a mission to connect with businesses and organisations who acknowledge and value the commitment and contribution made by the Defence Force community.

Their mission was further executed when they established a partnership with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). The collaboration enabled APOD to extend their exclusive membership access to veteran cardholders. 

Currently, Australian Partners of Defence features over 400 brands that offer exclusive discounts, both online and in-store, for a wide range of products and services, to more than 65,000 members.

All throughout these years, APOD has always been on the lookout for companies and organisations who can help them provide high quality offers to serve the Australian Defence Force members, veterans, and their immediate family members and this year has been a great opportunity for them to collaborate with Defence Sporting Apparel who they believed can provide them with some of the best deals for the benefit of the veteran community.

Source: Australian Partners of Defence Facebook Page

Currently, Defence Sporting Apparel is planning and developing new, exclusive and exciting collections that our Defence Force community have been asking for and we’ve never done before. They will pay a special tribute to all the Australian Defence Force, the Army, Navy and Airforce and we’re really excited to deliver what they have been asking for. 

With this partnership with APOD it’s come at the perfect time and now the APOD community can expect greater deals on exclusive collections that honour their sacrifices, that keep the spirit alive, and even a couple surprises which Defence Sporting Apparel will be rolling out in the next coming months.

We’d love to know how you think about this news! What are you expecting out of this new partnership?_______________________________

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  • just thinking why not a shirt with the cenotaph in London the British flag in the top right and a Tommy on the back for the remembrance of the British guy’s that gave their all

    Scott Adamson on
  • I have a camo cap and a shirt.

    I wonder how a shirt with the RSL Logo would go. Perhaps it could have the three ADF entities logo or/and the Australian flag.

    Robin on
  • An Amazing Australian Company,I have over 12 shirts so far and so happy knowing that the money helps a lot of people in charity and I wear each shirt with Australian Pride…

    Konrad on
  • DSA , has helped the people,who fought for our country
    Now it’s our turn as a country to help those people

    Frank Gavranich on


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