Celebrate Love This Valentine's Day with DSA

Celebrate Love This Valentine's Day with DSA

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You most probably have seen them in most of our photos. They’re Amy and Jason, our power Brand Ambassador couple. They’ve been helping us keep the spirit alive, not just within the DSA Army but also in the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and their own communities. Today is Valentine’s Day and people all around the world are celebrating romance and love. So, we had a chat with Amy about Valentine’s Day and how they keep the love alive.

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How did you meet Jason and what is your first impression of him?  

I and Jason were work colleagues (QFRS/ Other government department) and friends before we even started dating. My first impression of Jason, he was a very loyal person and would do anything for people he cares for. He always gave support and help wherever he could. He looks after his teammates and family and was a very trustworthy person and easy to talk to.  

To this day I and Jason still live and work together because we have a great understanding and a close bond with each other. Work is work and family life is for home.  


How long have you been together?  

We have been friends for ages and then become partners in June 2014 and have been together ever since then we are happily married with two kids.  


How did you know that he is the one?  

Jason was always there for me and supported me in everything I did and made me who I am today everyday with him is the same and it like I married my best friend I knew from the first day we started dating that he was there for the long hall, and he is my rock. 


Share your best (or – better yet – your worst) Valentine’s Day experience. 

I’m not a very Valentine Day person but my amazing or cheeky husband always sends me nice flowers. But on our first Valentines Day together I did send Jason a Gorilla teddy and Balloon saying “I love you” with chocolates to his workplace. Lolol . We believe that if we want to celebrate each other’s love for one another we just go and get them a gift. We don’t need one day a year to say I love you.  


What's your favourite memory with Jason? 

We have a lot of memories together. From Jason taking me to Fiji for my birthday to the birth of our two children and watching Jason hold them for the 1st time and to seeing how much love he had for those little people. Our wedding day and becoming his wife. Every day is a new adventure and memory and I cannot wait to make more with Jason and our family. 

How do you keep the love alive? 

Talking to each other and keeping no secrets from each other, we have both said from the start that we always will be open and honest with each other. We enjoy each other’s company and trying new things together. 

I was told by my grandma, always say I love you before you go to bed even though you had a fight or argument with them because you should always make up with the one you love and don’t know the last time you would be able to tell them.  


What's your advice to single people who have given up on love? 

Never give up. Someone will be out there for you, as long you are happy with yourself and who you are and have a positive attitude. I had a lot of toads before I found my prince. 


If you win the lottery today, what would you do with your winnings for Valentine’s Day?

Nothing lol, because I would spoil my family and my husband with my winnings every other day.  

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you Amy for answering these questions and for helping us spread the love this Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! However you like to celebrate, I hope that you have a beautiful, fun-filled day!

Still undecided on what to give your loved one today? Whether it’s for that special someone or for yourself, we’ve got you covered. For gifts that honour our brave men and help keep the spirit alive, click here.

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